Foldable teat bucket holder Solide

The Foldable Teat Bucket Holder has been completely renewed. The Foldable Teat Bucket Holder contains five Teat Bucket Holder Solide's, in which the Teat bucket holder with teat are secured very stably.
On request, the Foldable Teat Bucket Holder is also available with five Milkfeeder Single Holders for the CalfOTel Milkfeeder Single.
The holder remains in the folded up position by means of an easy-to-operate closure.
This holder is suitable for the CalfOTel XL-5, XL-10 and Hybrid with XL Fence.
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€ 190,00
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€ 171,00
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€ 162,00
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Dimensions (L x W x H): 150 x 40 x 31 cm
Dimensions are external dimensions/transport dimensions and may vary per product.

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