CalfOTel® Plus

  • More depth to offer more protection
  • Suitable for calves from 0 to 6 weeks
  • Excellent climate thanks to three ventilation holes
  • Assemble as you see fit

Assemble and order

Benefit from a 5% additional discount until 29 February 2020.

Prices start at € 200.00
(this price is based on a CalfOTel® Plus, without threshold and fencing)

About CalfOTel® Plus


The CalfOTel® Plus is suitable for the outdoor breeding of calves from 0 to 6 weeks. The CalfOTel® Plus has a similar height as the CalfOTel® Small. Thanks to the extra length of the hutch, calves have more space and enjoy more protection. The length is similar to that of the CalfOTel® Comfort. The three ventilation holes provide a better climate and comfortable ventilation without any draughts.

The calf hutch is made from durable fiberglass-reinforced polyester, the same quality of all our other calf hutches. 


What makes CalfOTel® Plus extra special?

The CalfOTel® Plus can be assembled as you see fit.
Are you looking for a CalfOTel® Plus with:

  • A plastic threshold with integrated wheels or a steel threshold without wheels?
  • Four or three-section fencing, a gate or without fencing?

Product information

  • Weight approx. 28 kilos, without threshold or fencing
  • Hutch dimensions (l. x w. x h.): 196 x 115 x 128 cm

The CalfOTel® Plus from: € 200.00

(this price is based on a CalfOTel® Plus, without threshold and fencing)
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