Pair housing

Pair housing

Recent studies have shown that duo accommodation at a young age has benefits for calves and farmer alike. Keeping calves in pairs from the age of 0-3 weeks until they are 8-12 weeks old results in better social development, better feed intake and better growth.  This is why we have extended our product range with the XL-2! The CalfOTel XL-2 offers the same quality you are used to from the individual calf igloos. They are made from glass fibre reinforced polyester. The fencing is foldable and the hutch is easy to move thanks to the wheels built into the threshold.

Strong points:

  • The XL-2 is easy to clean because of the smooth material used. In addition, both the hutch and fence are foldable.
  • The large hutch is easy to move thanks to the wheels integrated into the threshold and the handle at the back.
  • The extra width and height make the hutch comfortable for two calves. The large entrance allows both calves to walk in and out at the same time.
  • The feed barrier has four feed openings. These feed openings are also easily adjustable, which makes the feed barrier ideal for both young and older calves and for small and large breeds.
  • Thanks to the low threshold, the exit gate is easily accessible for the calves and the farmer.
  • The dimensions of the hutch and fence are in line with European (organic) regulations.


Dimensions: (l x w x h)
Hutch: 226 x 165 x 155 cm // Fence: 153 x 156 x 99 cm

The CalfOTel XL-2 is available as from February 2022. Besides the XL-2 we offer more options for pair housing, like the CalfOTel Hybrid, the Open Top Premium Duo and CalfOTel Indoor Combo.

CalfOTel XL-2

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