CalfOTel Comfort with 4-part fence

The CalfOTel Comfort is an ideal system for rearing calves from 0 to 8 weeks old. Compared with the CalfOTel® Small, the CalfOTel Comfort's longer length provides more shelter for calves. The height of the calf box makes it easier to access, for example when you need to help the calf to stand up.

A recent update to the CalfOTel Comfort has improved the product's quality and ease of use. The castors are now integrated into the plastic threshold, making the calf hutch easy to move for relocation or cleaning. The teatbucket and information sheet can be placed at the corners of the fence, so that the buckets can be filled quickly and efficiently and the calf can be easily identified. Changing straw is a piece of cake thanks to the fold-up fencing, with smart shutters that enable it to be opened and closed with just one hand.

Users of CalfOTel® systems say time and again that the system has contributed to a significant reduction in their labour costs – it's a solution that delivers pure profit!

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