Happy Calf,

Happy Farmer!

CalfOTel®, de bedste produkter til optimalt kalveopdræt. Med et tydeligt syn på kalveopstaldning udvikler CalfOTel® produkter, hvor hygiejne, sundhed og arbejde er af afgørende betydning. CalfOTel leverer produkter til kalveopstaldning, hvor kalvene sundt og hurtigt kan vokse sig stor og blive fremtidens bedste malkekøer. Happy Calf, happy farmer!

Best possible calf housing during warm summer days

Summer has started! It’s important to prevent heat stress now temperatures are rising. Housing calves in suitable conditions can limit the consequences for young animals.
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Practical tips for hygiene and calf-rearing

By paying extra attention to hygiene, it's possible to drastically reduce the likelihood of illness breaking out among young calves. This does, however, require that you work according to a strict protocol. Those who can apply the necessary discipline...
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Reduce labour by up to 20% in the first four months

Investments in practical housing pay off. Calf rearing is a labour-intensive part of running a dairy farm. Proper calf rearing requires attention and care. Yet at many farms, it's possible to greatly reduce the amount of work. Labour savings can be...
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