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15 July 2020


CalfOTel launches not one but three new products, among which a new line for indoor accomodation. These calf pens are suitable for dairy farmers who want to keep calves indoors or under a roof. The products were developed on the basis of the latest market trends.

CalfOTel Open Top Premium

Single and Duo

  • More space for the calf
  • High user-friendliness and hygiene
  • Easy access as s result of a two-part locking gate
  • Easy to join two calves as a result of the removable partition
  • The grating and the locking gate can be removed in one simple operation

The CalfOTel Open Top Premium is a mobile calf box. The open top gives a good view of the calves. The CalfOTel Open Top Premium Duo has a removable partition, allowing two calves to be easily joined together. This prevents stress and improves social development.

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CalfOTel Indoor Combo

  • Fully modular system
  • The panels that can be removed easily ensure quick cleaning
  • The calves can be accomodated in groups
  • Easy access as a result of a two-part locking gate
  • The white colour shows wether the pen has been cleaned properly

The CalfOTel® Indoor Combo is an innovative, modular calf housing system that you can put together completely according to your own wishes. All manner of different set-ups can be realised. The system ensures that you can join calves from individual accommodation without having to move the calves. This way you can create the indoor calf housing that suits you. 

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CalfOTel Milk Feeder

Single and Group

  • Contributes to sound calf rearing
  • The calf retains one teat throughout the entire milking period
  • The teat is recessed in the wall of the feeder which makes it easier to clean
  • The slanted bottom results in less residual milk
  • The sealable lif keeps flies, cats and straw away

The specifically designed system results in slow milk yield which means that calf suckle longer. This results in additional saliva production, which improves digestion and increased feed intake. The CalfOTel® Milk Feeder Group is used after the CalfOTel® Milk Feeder Single. The specifically designed system offers room for at most six calves.

The assumption when using the CalfOTel Milk Feeder is that each calf has its own teat. The calf retains this teat throughout the entire milking period. When the calf is moved to group housing, the teat also moves. The stress from moving to group housing is significantly reduced because the calf immediately recognises its own trusted teat when it arrives in group housing.  

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