Happy Calf

Happy farmer

CalfOTel®: the best products for high-quality calf rearing. Supported by a clear vision of calf housing needs, CalfOTel® develops products that focus on hygiene, health, and reducing labour. We provide housing that enables calves to grow quickly and healthily into the best dairy cows for the future, driven by our slogan: Happy Calf, Happy Farmer!

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Vision of calf rearing

Hand-feeding better for calf’s health

Hand-feeding a calf is labour-intensive. You have to mix water and milk powder, lift buckets and then fill the teat buckets several times a day. An automatic milk feeder can save you a lot of work. However, this study has shown that calves that were hand-fed...
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The CalfOTel systems save labour

The calf-rearing period, between 0 and 4 months, demands more labour than any other time. You can save approximately 20% on this labour by using solid hutches with the right set-up and accessories. During the development of our calf housing, we pay a...
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Cleaning calf hutches an easy job with CleanPro foaming product

A calf is continuously surrounded by micro-organisms. Only a few of those are true ‘pathogen’ and can, therefore, cause diseases. In order to keep these pathogens away, we aim for the highest possible level of hygiene.
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