CalfOTel Duo Fence Plus

The CalfOTel Duo Fence with Plus hutches is a fence that can be connected to two Plus/Comfort calf hutches and is designed to keep calves in a small group of two calves. The calves still have their own hutch with their own outdoor area for the first few days. The middle gate can be easily and quickly folded at any time, creating one outdoor area for two calf hutches. It is therefore particularly suitable for organic farms and complies with the legislation that calves must be kept in groups from an early age.

It is possible to fold up only the middle fence, but also the entire CalfOTel Duo fence can also be folded up. In addition, the fencing is equipped with two front gates, making it possible to lock the two calf hutches. It is also possible to adapt the fences of Plus/Comfort calf hutches that have already been purchased into one Duo Fence. For this, only a conversion kit is required.

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Strong features

  • Galvanized, patented fencing (EP 1.138.196)
  • Made of glass fiber reinforced polyester, which guarantees a long life and shade temperature in the summer
  • The smooth inner layer prevents bacteria from forming and is easy to clean
  • Excellent ventilation through the openings in the front of the roof
  • The threshold keeps the straw in the hutch
  • Practical gate, can be opened with 1 hand
  • Combined fencing, both for two calves individually and two calves in a group


Two hutch with threshold, Duo fence and 2 bucket rings.
Dimensions: (l. x w. x h.)
Hutch: 200 x 115 x 128 cm (2x)
Fencing: 150 x 230 x 100 cm
Dimensions are external dimensions/transport dimensions and may vary per product.

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