Raise well-muscled calves with the CalfOTel Hybrid

16 July 2019

Adri van Gestel from Hilvarenbeek (The Netherlands): “I've been working with the CalfOTel Hybrid for three or months now. I saw this particular calf hutch on another dairy farm in the area, and since my smaller hutches were due for replacement, I decided to swap them out for two Hybrids. Whereas in the old hutch, you had to kneel down to feed the calves, now we can stand nice and straight. It's also possible to regulate the temperature using the flap. On days when it's a bit colder, we close the flap; otherwise, it stays open."

"We use the Hybrid for our heifer and bull calves. When the calves are healthy and drinking well, I house them together. I think that's better for their well-being and more fun for them, too. And I've noticed I end up with stronger calves this way. The animals have more room than before, and more space for exercise. This helps them grow into nice, well-muscled calves.”

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